Atlas Barometer
Atlas Barometer
Atlas Barometer
Atlas Barometer
Atlas Barometer
Atlas Barometer

Atlas Barometer

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A crystal glass toy which plays upon the original storm glasses that were used by British seafarers and even Charles Darwin to predict the weather during expeditions. Legends say that the liquid and shapes inside the globe change according to the weather pressure of the room. A brilliant home decoration and gift-worthy item. Try and decipher the patterns and the weather to guess what the crystals are showing!

  • Great gift for science geeks and magic lovers
  • Predict the weather by observing the changes in the size and shape of the liquid crystals
  • Stylish and beautifully designed craftsmanship

    How to assemble:

    1. The ends of the globe fit into the holes of the curved stand
    2. The shorter end fits to the bottom, the longer end to the top
    3. Place the cap on the top end of the stand
    4. Leave on desk or shelf and admire the serenity of the glass flakes


    Glass, Wooden, Water 60% ethanol 30% camphor 10%


    Wooden: 22cm x 9cm
    Glass:  17.5cm x 8cm


    Extremely high demand: allow 2-4 weeks for it to arrive to the USA (to be safe). 

    If you are outside the USA please note orders may take up to 2 months to deliver without tracking. We advise against buying if needed urgently.

    Note: Accurate weather predictions are not guaranteed by a decorative product and we suggest checking the weather channel for a complete forecast. 

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